Security Label

Breaking, fragile and void label

In addition to frangible and void stickers, we also produce security labels with custom cuts to reveal a desired shape when tempered

The Frangible Security Label crumbles and leaves residue when someone tries to remove the label. This feature made the use of frangible labels in electronic devices highly popular since it becomes easier to detect an infringement to guarantee agreement for the device.

As the name suggests, Void Label emphasizes an agreement that is nullified or invalid when the label is removed. When a void label is detached from its surface, the adhesive residue reveals a text in which the word “Void” appears, repeated several times. Instead of the word “Void”, any other text might also be applied, however, this process would increase prices significantly. Our void label brings temper evident performance almost immediately after applied to the surface. It has a metallic color with more rigidity than average labels. It is plastic-based, durable, and resistant to tearing, water, moisture, heat, and light.

Please be advised of those barcodes or any other readable information on Security Labels might cause issues since they are metallic colored and glossy.

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