Polyethylene-PE Label

They are flexible, durable and plastic based labels.

Polyethylene labels are tear-proof and waterproof labels. Polyethylene PE labels have flexibility, unlike polypropylene PP labels, and due to this flexibility, the label assorts with flexible plastic packages.

Polyethylene label is frequently used for packages of food, drink detergent, etc. products that may touch with water.

Polyethylene label is usually preferred for products such as frozen food label, cold drink label, mineral oil label, or when the package may flex.

These labels, known as opaque PE, have the suitable flexibility to ensure adhesion to the packaging of hot-filled products too.

Matte Polyethylene PE Labels
Matte PE labels, as the name suggests, are matte pe labels. Matte polyethylene labels are suitable for printing with ribbons on the barcode printer. Labels are resistant to moisture and water friction.

Opaque Polyethylene PE Labels
Opaque PE label They are PE labels with a glossy appearance. Opaque PE labels do not tear in the flow direction. They can stretch to a certain extent. It is not directly resistant to heat.

Data Polyethylene PE Labels
Data PE label is a matte looking polyethylene label. Data PE labels do not tear or stretch. Data PE labels are resistant to moisture, heat, chemicals and sea water. Data PE labels are more durable than other PE labels. Thanks to its smooth surfaces, ribbons printed on the barcode printer are very clear and of high quality. We are at your service with PE label cheap price, quality and service advantage …

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