Screen Label

100% coverage and vibrant label

Screen printing is a technique that involves applying a mesh pattern to a product surface, then pressing or pumping ink through the mesh openings and onto the product to produce the image.

Screen labels have a high color and print durability for products with long shelf life. Even transparent containers can be coated with colorful bright labels that provide full coverage over.

You would see screen-print labels on OEM products and bottles. Many brands prefer using this label, particularly with glass bottled products to create a no-label feeling.

We prefer silkscreen printing in works where colors should be more vivid and have more long strength. It is durable in outdoor applications, does not fade in sunlight.

It can be printed on both the front and the back of the fabrics with our optical readers. Thanks to our air drying, resistance drying and UVI drying systems, we carry out printing processes in a short time according to all kinds of needs. In silk screen printing, labels can be given a more interesting appearance by embossing according to demand.

Sohbete Başla
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