Fastyre Label

Label with high adhesion strength

Fastyre labels are highly adhesive and generally applied on rough and uneven surfaces such as tires, fabric, raw wood.

Fastyre label adheres tightly to rough surfaces and is not easily removed.

It is suitable for use in areas such as machinery, vehicle tires, wooden surfaces, major appliances, etc. when details such as technical information, usage information, product features are required to remain for a long time on the product.

Fastyre Etiket is a label type with a special adhesive, its raw material is paper-based. Due to its paper-based nature, it has a low resistance to water, moisture, heat and external environment. It has the feature of tearing like paper. It is very similar to the Coated Label in terms of features. The biggest difference between them is Fastyre

It is because the adhesive surface of the label adheres tightly even to uneven terrain. Especially the tire industry consumes this label a lot. These labels, which can stick on the tires, barely come out of place.

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