Polypropylene-PP Label

Opaque PP Label does not stretch and tear easily

Polypropylene labels have the best combination of value and power than other types of labels. These labels are more durable, more tear-proof, and popular for companies that need waterproof labels.

These labels also known as PP Opaque.

PP Opaque labels are resistant to water, moisture, heat (Sun), and the external environment because they are made of plastic-based, hard structure.

Opaque PP Label does not stretch and tear easily.

It is frequently used as a food label, medicine label, chemical label, etc.

In other words; Opaque Polypropylene (Opaque PP) is a label raw material consisting of a hard structure. It is from the group of plastic-based labels and does not deteriorate due to external factors such as water, moisture and heat. Opaque Polypropylene, which is resistant to heat and light, does not stretch and tears easily as long as it is not stretched. Because of these features, it is one of the label types suitable for outdoor use like other plastic-based labels.

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