Piggyback Label

Piggyback - multi-layer labels

Piggyback, multi-layer labels help you when you need to fit long contents on your label. You can apply contents to two or more layers on the same label’s area.

Depends on the products, some companies need to place more information than ordinary ones on the label such as multilanguage ingredients, legal requirements, some small details, etc.

Piggyback labels are suitable when there is a situation that the excess content does not fit into the area where the label will be applied.

It allows us to add more content by offering a multi-layer label surface in the same area.

Most companies also using the piggyback label to hide campaign numbers or passwords during campaign season.

It is frequently used as a detergent label, pesticide label, cosmetic label, drug label, veterinary drug label.

Sohbete Başla
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