Double-sided Label

Double direction printed label

Double-sided labels are the perfect method to utilize surface space of the label with information or design printed on both sides of the label, outer display side, and inner adhesive side.

It is used on glass (push-pull, no smoking on windows and doors), plastic, or any see-through products such as food and beverages, cosmetics, health.

These products, which are used as internally glued glass labels for advertising or as discount labels for a campaign that take place in certain periods, are labels that we can produce the same or different designs on the front side of the label and the adhesive surface in desired shapes.

Double-sided sticker labels find a wide area of use with their practical use and functionality. The print on transparent material is complemented by the white print of the front and back. Thus, when it is attached to the glass floor, a flat and wonderful appearance is obtained from both sides. This work, in which the white printing method is used effectively, reveals products known as glass labels.

Labels on the glass floor can be encountered in many different areas of use. It is very important that it looks flat and flawless on both sides … We are doing such an elaborate work to achieve this look. We can reach the final result with special printing methods.

Where are double-sided sticker labels used?

Double-sided sticker labels are often used on glass floors and work great this way. Therefore, many areas where glass floors are involved are within the scope of use. In the meantime, what is important is the conditions that are desired to take images from both sides of the glass.

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