Metallized Label

Plastic-based or paper-based

Metallized Labels create a stylish and bright visual effect. it makes the product more visible on the shelves.

Metallized label could be plastic-based or paper-based and it has a metallic surface. you are able to choose partly or full metalized effect based on your design.

Metallized label is widely used as beverage label, wine label, beer label, cosmetic label, food label, etc.

The top surface of metallized labels is painted in metallic gray or even gilding paint. It is generally used in industry labels. Since it has a bright and shining structure, it is a more eye-catching visual element by bringing the print quality to the forefront. It is a label raw material that does not tear. Because they are plastic labels, metallized labels can be printed with ribbons. The information on it provides permanence according to resin ribbons, wax ribbons and resin wax ribbons and storage conditions.

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