Braille Label

Braille alphabet label

Braille labels for the visually impaired. Braille writing system can easily be incorporated into your labels using appropriate molds and embossing. It can be on your usual label design or a separate addition to your product label.

Additionally, due to EU regulations (Article 56a of Directive 2001/83/EC), pharmaceutical companies are increasingly required to write their product name and strength on the packaging of their medicines using the Braille system.

Millions of visually impaired people cannot do their shopping without assistance. They have trouble identifying packaged products. These and similar difficulties disconnect them from social life.

As a social responsibility project, we want to remove the barriers from your products by applying Braille (Visually Impaired Alphabet) to your products and create a more social world for visually impaired people.

This label type, prepared with the alphabet for the visually impaired, is turned into a very rich label by combining other label features.

Sohbete Başla
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