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Your label carries your first words to the consumer about your product.
Your designs can convey the right message only with correct colors, appropriate printing techniques, and proper materials .
with our team of specialist, we evaluate your brand, your wishes and every possible option to get the unique sides of your product stand out and we definitely make sure that your product meets its soul mate.

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We fulfill your needs on time and without compromising quality.

New Technologies & Product Development

We offer innovative solutions using latest technology trends.

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We attach importance to our training with the principle of continuous improvement.

Creative Design Solutions

If your products have been manufactured already but don't have any brand identity or packaging design, our creative team is ready to help your brand.
Tell us about your brand and products. We will offer suitable plans based on your needs with satisfactory costs.

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Thermal Label, Transparent Label, Polypropylene Label, Piggyback Label, Booklet Label, Hot Stamp Label

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Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to briefly touch on the production process and answer a few frequently asked questions .

We need some technical details about your product before preparing your pricing offer. Label size, what type of packaging will you place the label on, storage condition of your product, the quantity of label, etc. If you are not sure about any of these technical details, you can contact us. We will happily  find an answer together to all these questions.

The production time of the order varies according to technical demands and details. First of all, we will have an agreement and approval process for the design to be printed. After the approval process is completed, you will be informed about the delivery time of your order according to the specified technical specifications.

For the design, you need to send us the product features, the points you want to emphasize, the consumption areas of the product, the market segment and, if any, an editable document (pdf, ai, cdr) of your logo. In addition , if you wish, you can also send us all the details such as color, sample, font, etc you prefer. Our creative team will review and offer the most suitable design solution for your request.

All design orders go through a fundamental control process, such as cut line, resolution, placement checks. In case a design fails to pass these controls, we will correct issues together with the customer. Either the customer re-sends designs in correct form or we handle alterations first and get approval from the customer. After checks and approvals, it is printing time.

If you get in touch with us about further possibilities and demands you have, we will inform you about all the details regarding your request.

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