Non-Permanent Label

Label that can be removed without leaving a trace

Removable Labels, either paper or plastic-based, are ideal for creating short-term and temporary labels for price labeling, filing, and instructions where the label needs to stick securely but be removed easily, leaving no sticky residue behind.

Non-permanent label is a low-adhesive type of sticker and therefore it can be mentioned in a wide range of uses. The nonperm label, which can be designed in many different sizes and shapes, can be easily removed as well as adhered to different surfaces.

With this ability, thanks to its low adhesive nature, you can have the chance to remove your labels and stick them on a different surface you want. Remarkable results can be obtained with quality printing and vibrant colors. In addition, such products are present in almost everyone’s life in some way. Sometimes it is a necessity, sometimes as a part of a hobby, products produced with this technique can be preferred.

Where is the non-permanent Sticker used?

The use of non-permanent stickers spreads over a wide area. Because it can be designed and produced in various sizes and it gives successful results on different surfaces with its low adhesive properties. It is also attractive as it is possible to relocate. For example, the nonperm label can be placed in a photo album with a photo print. In this way, a practical and enjoyable album design can be made.

In short, a new generation photo album can be designed with such label prints. For use in different fields, it would be appropriate to get information from professionals and to plan a design and production process accordingly.

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