Craft Label

Kraft; Recycled paper

Craft is a type of recycled (PCW) un-laminated paper with a considerable rustic vibe. It is the right choice when you desire to convey a sense of natural, organic production.

You can express to the customer your awareness for a better and cleaner future using this recycled label.

Craft labels are used on many natural and organic products such as gourmet/diabetes foods, soaps, coffee bags, care products, and other products that may need a high-end or bespoke look.

Kraft label is a kind of adhesive label, the raw material of which is cardboard, produced for special purposes. Kraft paper label prints made in the desired size, shape and color specifically for companies, kraft labels, which are much more durable than paper due to their production of cardboard, can be printed in digital printing machines in the required quantities, quickly and in high quality.

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